• Adults Only Event (21+)

    TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW FOR THIS EVENT! This year’s Zoobilee will take place on SATURDAY, JULY 9 FROM 5 TO 10 P.M. and is sure to be an intriguing evening for all! While on your journey around the zoo, you can partake in ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME ANIMAL EXPERIENCES, like giraffe feedings and behind-the-scenes tours, SOOTHING MUSIC to accent the evening, and BRAZILIAN CUISINE in line with the event’s “Green” rainforest theme. Buy tickets today!
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  • Summer Camps!

    Summer Camp Registration is open! Sign your kids up for these interactive camps to keep them busy and learning when they're out of school this year! Some of the weeks are sold out, but some are still available. Click the read more button below to learn more or sign up today!
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  • Laying Foundations

    If you have been through the zoo around Lions Pride recently you would have noticed some of the Camp Cowabunga pre-construction work has occurred. The area looks different now with the tree work that was done after spring break. You may see lots of branches and logs that we will be using around the zoo for animals and exhibits. Learn more about Camp Cowabunga or donate today!
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New Summer Feature – Pollinator Palooza

If you have visited the Topeka Zoo and Conservation Center recently, you have probably noticed a new structure on the north end of the grounds. This structure is a native walkthrough butterfly experience and features of our summer theme, Pollinator Palooza.  This exhibit is now open, so come visit today!

In this immersive exhibit, 400 free-flying native butterflies will offer guests an opportunity to view native butterflies in all stages of metamorphosis. Five different species will be observed including Monarchs, Gulf Fritillaries, Painted Ladies, Black Swallowtail, and Red Admirals. Guests will be surrounded by butterflies engaging in their natural behaviors including feeding on flower nectar and basking in the sunlight. As the average lifespan of a butterfly is two to three weeks, FOTZ will purchase approximately 200 butterfly pupae Chrysalishouse(chrysalises) every other week from butterfly farms. Three chrysalis rearing chamber will be located within the butterfly experience where guests can watch the various butterflies hatch.

Staff “Flight Attendants” will be available to educate the public on butterflies and their plant partnerships. The butterfly experience will feature a number of tropical and annual plants that the butterflies can gather nectar from including Lantana, Salvia, Tropical Hibiscus, Milkweed, and Fennel. To date, the exhibit has been made possible thanks to the generosity of Friends of the Topeka Zoo, KBS Constructors Foundation, Schwerdt Design Group, Certus, Westar Energy Green Team, PKMR, Ben Schreiner Construction Company, Lowers Inc. Plumbing Heating and Air, Davin Electric, Inc, Arnold’s Greenhouse, Sowards Glass, Kansas Sand and Concrete, Inc., Skinner Garden Store, ASAP Locating, and Steve and Becky Tipton, Master Beekeepers NEKBA.

“It is great community partnerships and such a strong membership base that makes summer attractions like this possible. Unlike the traveling penguin and alligator exhibit, the Lorikeet Aviary and Butterfly Experience are permanent attractions to the zoo,” stated Kate Larison, Executive Director of Friends of the Topeka Zoo. “FOTZ is happy to be a part of this experience.”

hummingbirdAdditional features of Pollinator Palooza include 10 different pollinator gardens around the zoo, which serve as monarch way stations, hummingbird feeders, the lorikeet feeding aviary, and two honeybee hives all of which will have educational components attached to them.

According to Zoo Director Brendan Wiley, pollinators are critical to our very existence. “Almost 90 percent of the worlds plants rely on pollinators for fertilization and reproduction, including about 75 percent of the food that we eat – apples, tomatoes, raspberries, peppers, chocolate, coffee, and almonds are just a few. Sadly, pollinators are in serious trouble. Honeybees and native bee populations are in serious decline, and species like Monarch Butterflies are at historical lows due to declining milkweeds and nectar sources from development and the widespread use of herbicides in croplands, pastures, and roadsides.”

Pollinator Palooza is part of the zoo’s ongoing conservation efforts to help save Monarch Butterflies. Dennis Dinwiddie, the zoo’s Curator of Education and Conservation, leads the Kansas Association of Zoos (KAZOO) Conservation Committee in Monarch conservation for all seven of the accredited Kansas Zoos. Together, zoos across the state of Kansas are utilizing their resources to provide more Monarch habitat and raise public awareness.

Guests who currently visit the zoo can explore the butterfly gardens as well as the bee hives. The Lorikeet Aviary and all of Adventure Trail will re-open May 7th with $1 feedings available to the guests. The butterfly house will open in June. More information regarding the zoo’s monarch conservation projects can be found on our website.


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Tickets are on sale NOW! Click here to buy yours today.


This year’s Zoobilee will take place on SATURDAY, JULY 9 FROM 5 TO 10 P.M. and is sure to be an intriguing evening for all! As guests stroll through the zoo and JOURNEY INTO THE WILD, they will experience the Zoo’s enthusiasm for the rainforests of the Amazon and conservation, one of the Zoo’s key missions. Unique conservation and green-themed activities are sure to broaden their knowledge about how we can work together to change the world!

While on their journey around the zoo, guests can partake in ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME ANIMAL EXPERIENCES, like giraffe feedings and behind-the-scenes tours, SOOTHING MUSIC to accent the evening, and BRAZILIAN CUISINE in line with the event’s “Green” rainforest theme. Personal interactions with zookeepers and staff who care for a variety of animals, which call YOUR Topeka Zoo home, are sure to be an enlightening experience as well.  Assorted auction tables will be situated throughout the zoo where guests can bid the night away on one-of-a-kind experiences.

At this year’s event, not only will guests learn more about conservation, but they’ll have a lot of fun doing it, ALL FOR THE BENEFIT OF YOUR TOPEKA ZOO!  Zoobilee is sure to provide one of the most unique and pleasurable experiences guests could hope for.  Zoobilee is a 21 and over event. For complete details, to purchase tickets, to view auction information, or to make a donation, visit www.topekazoobilee.org.

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Join us on our journey to create a safari sojourn in our own backyard. Generations of visitors will enjoy a transformative “travel” experience blending educational, enrichment and entertainment opportunities at Gary Clarke’s Camp Cowabunga.

Camp Cowabunga, surrounded by elephants, wild dogs, hippos, red patas monkeys, lions and giraffes, will engage kids of all ages in imaginative play.

Wildlife habitats and educational exhibits will showcase Africa’s ecological and cultural imprint on the world.

Camp-planVisit Gary Clarke’s tent in Dung Beetle Square and get a feel for life on safari. If you catch him in, he’ll bring the experience full circle with  stories about tracking gorillas and wild dogs or getting splashed by crocodiles while paddling a canoe.

Begin your journey at Dung Beetle Square, a gathering place for socializing and wildlife watching before exploring the Safari Adventure Trail. Here are just a few things you can experience at Camp Cowabunga:

  • Perch in the driver’s seat of a rugged safari Land Rover equipped with everything needed to navigate around warthog burrows and termite mounds.
  • Explore the Amazing Safari Maze, an intricate network of narrow paths winding through tall stands of bamboo and adrenalin grass.
  • Roar like a lion, trumpet like an elephant, yap like a wild dog or laugh like a hyena by shouting in wildlife soundscape buckets.
  • Climb inside a hot air balloon basket or canoe while imagining a trip down the Zambezi River.
  • Climb on a giant bronze ball of elephant poop being rolled by a dung beetle.
  • Test bush skills along the Wildlife Spoor Trail alert for tracks, dung, leftover food and other signs to detect an animal’s presence.
  • Cool off with a safari bucket shower reminiscent of those experienced in a remote Serengeti bush camp.
  • Conclude the outing at Campfire Circle with expedition stories, songs and photographs of family and friends to capture the outing for years to come.

To learn more about this imaginative new way to experience the zoo please visit the Camp Cowabunga website here.









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